• Reviewed by: kmchpmn  on: 05/05/2016
    This was my first visit. I ordered a shrimp roll, a steak & cheese roll, & tried to order some rib t
  • Reviewed by: Wilsonrtw1  on: 05/05/2016
    If get any fried chicken from here make sure you check might be old,i have ate there alot and never had that problem.the food is usually descent
  • Reviewed by: hunterfox_833  on: 28/05/2015
    I have been ordering from foolees since I moved in this neighborhood about 9 years ago. The food is ALWAYS good, hot and delivered professionally and timely.
  • Reviewed by: Newlifenewdreams15  on: 24/02/2015
    My family and I ate from here for the first time this February. 2015 the food was so good we can't wait for our second experience
  • Reviewed by: godpromise64  on: 01/10/2014
    My food was not good at all the fries were cold and to hard to eat. Very disappointed.
  • Reviewed by: godpromise64  on: 01/10/2014
    My order was food was cold and fries were very cold and to hard to eat. I have had better food from there before but this order was not good at all.
  • Reviewed by: Ladyslipper9  on: 08/09/2014
    I visited this restaurant yesterday and the food was not fresh. The noodles were soggy and the presentation was very unappealing. This food is awful. I spent $26 on nothing. It all went in the disposal. Even the spring rolls were not edible.
  • Reviewed by: vivclm  on: 28/06/2014
    Took my money and never delivered food!!! This place sucks
  • Reviewed by: mitthoward  on: 09/06/2014
    I have been buying meals for over 10 years from this restaUrant. All the meals are FRESH and cooked well. I always wanted to just stay and eat in the restaurant but was afraid I would order more food. They have such a clean environment there. So I order my food and it's ready sometimes in minutes. Had a operation one time,I couldn't even cook,but I ordered from Foolees. Generally, I'm pleased... EXCELLENT RATING,keep up the good work!!! Excellent Service and Excellent Management!! (M.H.)
  • Reviewed by: Shannelcouture  on: 12/03/2014
    I just tried the new hibachi shrimp on a wimb looking for something different to eat from a carryout
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