• Reviewed by: Smileyuki66  on: 16/02/2014
    Been ordering from Foolees some 20 years now, used to be pretty good, but now food is overpriced gar
  • Reviewed by: colin_promise  on: 05/01/2014
    very nice food and the service is so comfortable.enjoy this time.
  • Reviewed by: kngonzo119  on: 25/08/2013
    the hot and spicy wonton is basically the reason we dont order from other places. its a very unique and delicious item on the appetizer menu. You get a lot of food for your money and it is never disappointing. If I move I may ask for a recipe or two!
  • Reviewed by: destini20002001  on: 29/06/2013
  • Reviewed by: jaykayjohnson4436  on: 16/02/2013
    Great food and service but dont use the on line. It's a problem. No other issues but on-line.
  • Reviewed by: rcmd30  on: 13/01/2013
    great food and great service....
  • Reviewed by: bglenn  on: 12/11/2012
    Love the food. When friends come over, we have a Foolee's party! Great delivery,great service.
  • Reviewed by: Justthisgood  on: 19/08/2012
    Any one that would drive 30 minutes, when there are two hChinese restaurants within 10 minutes would understand. Foolees is great!!!! Meat is always fresh, vegetables crisp, packed and ready to go upon arrival. We all have our all are ours!
  • Reviewed by: nightdevil21  on: 06/08/2012
    Been coming here since I've moved to the area over 10 years ago! Everytime I come to visit always have to stop by!
  • Reviewed by: kg12769  on: 16/06/2012
    The steak and Cheese eggroll is good
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